Windows Forensic Environment


Should you have any questions regarding WinFE (specifically the write-protect tool) please feel free to contact me.

If you find any undocumented bugs or have any ideas for improvements, I would like to hear from you!

If you would like to include the write-protect tool within another package (other than WinBuilder) or offer paid-for training that uses the write-protect tool, please contact me to discuss this. I will consider each application on a case-by-case basis.

The write-protect tool UI currently supports English, French, German and Italian, I am willing to add further languages providing that they use the Latin character set and fit between the hexadecimal values of 0x00 and 0xFF.

The write-protect tool can be re-branded to promote your organisation, however, I will not add branding that is deemed offensive or otherwise inappropriate. Furthermore, branding will be rejected that implies copyright or similar to the write-protect tool, or WinFE as a whole.

When requesting the re-branding service, the email address Top Level Domain (TLD) that makes the request must match that of the requested logo. I cannot accept requests from free public email address TLD's such as Gmail and Hotmail.

The logo must be provided in either PNG or BMP format, and added as a direct attachment to the email, not within a compressed container file. The pixel size of the logo must be 393 x 54, in landscape orientation.

As this is provided as a free service, It will be completed as and when I get the time to do so, and the re-branded write-protection tool will be given as a link to a password protected/encrypted 7-zip archive file.

Should you wish to purchase the Windows Password Tool, please contact me stating how many licences are required (1 licence costs £9.99, a licence is required for each copy of WinFE produced that contains a functional copy of the Windows Password Tool). And include the email address where the PayPal invoice should be sent to. The Windows Password Tool is free for law enforcement and government organisations, however, I still require to know how many licences you are requesting. Please do not request free licences from a public email address such as Google or Hotmail.

All sales from the Windows Password Tool will go towards the running of this site and the purchase of a code signing certificate.

The email address to use for contact purposes can be found within the footer of this page. Please note: This email address will change on a regular basis to prevent SPAM, ensure you visit this page before contacting me to obtain the current email address.